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Welcome to the 2023 Cabbagetown Holiday Lights contest!

This year, the Cabbagetown Residents Association are joining with the Cabbagetown South Residents' Association to run Holiday Lights Contest for the entirety of the Cabbagetown neighbourhood.

Whichever three photo submissions have the most votes by the end of the day on December 26 wins a one-year membership to their respective Residents Association, and bragging rights! The top three vote-getting houses will get to display a lawn sign marking their achievement.

We will also be tallying up the most voted-for street, which will be given a special award for being such a hotbed of decorative holiday spirit!

Please feel free to make your vote from the options below, or you can also send a photo of an alternative house to [email protected] (please provide the address of that house in the email) and we will add it to this poll.

There are lots of entries, so please take the time to look through all of them before you vote - thank you!

The Cabbagetown Residents Association and the Cabbagetown South Residents Association 

Which Cabbagetown holiday lights are the best? Vote now for your favourite!
Wellesley Ave 1
Wellesley St 1
Spruce 1
Sackville 1
Wellesley St 2
Sword 1
Wellesley St 3
Amelia 1
Wellesley St 4
Carlton 1
Wellesley St 5
Amelia 2
Gifford 1
Wellesley St 6
Sumach 1
Park View 1
Wellesley St 7
Amelia 3
Wellesley St 8
Amelia 4
Sackville 2
Carlton 2
Dermott Place 1
Wellesley St 9
Ontario St 1
Ontario St 2
Ontario St 3
Ontario St 4
Ontario St 5
Ontario St 6
Ontario St 7
Ontario St 8
Berkeley 1
Berkeley 2
Berkeley 3
Berkeley 4
Seaton 1
Seaton 2
Seaton 3
Aberdeen 1
Metcalfe 1
Metcalfe 2
Rose Ave 1
Carlton 3
Carlton 4
Prospect 1
Gifford 2
Winchester 1
Sackville 3
Winchester 2
Winchester 3
Amelia 5
Amelia 6
Amelia 7
Sumach 2
Sackville 4