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Ποιο είναι το Καλύτερο Κομμάτι Κατά την Άποψη σας για το 2023
Alice Cooper - I'm Alice
Blink-182 - One More Time
Blur - The Narcissist
Depeche Mode - Ghosts Again
Dolly Parton - Bygones (feat. Rob Halford)
Extreme - Rise
Foo Fighters - Rescued
Hozier - Francesca
Iggy Pop - Strung Out Johnny
Lenny Kravitz - TK421
Linkin Park - Lost
Metallica - Lux Aeterna
Nothing But Thieves - Tomorrow Is Closed
Peter Gabriel - Panopticom
Sleep Token - Chokehold
The Beatles - Now And Then
The Rolling Stones - Angry
The Sherlocks - Face the Music
U2 - Atomic City
VV - Neon Noir