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What topics interest you most?
1. Know the 8 ways to handle state, and when to consider each.
2. Class components are dead.
3. “Normalize” state by deriving on render.
4. Understand when React renders, and how to avoid it.
5. Most state is remote state. (see remote state maturity model).
6. Start local, then lift. Global is a last resort. Prop drilling is no biggie.
7. Wrap context in a single file.
8. Embrace immutable JS features. You don’t need LoDash, Underscore, Ramda.
9. You don’t need a form library. You need a pattern.
10. State Enums are 🔥. You likely don’t need XState and state charts.
11. PropTypes are dead. Long live TypeScript.
12. Start with controlled forms. You’ll end up needing the flexibility.
13. Context/Redux/Third party libs are overused. Often just “resume driven”.
14. When JSX feels messy/constraining, return early, or extract a func / component.
15. Consider useReducer when state complexity warrants isolated tests.