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Make a Website Feedback Survey

Use our Example Below to Create a Free Website Feedback Survey

Create Website Feedback Survey

Learn what your website visitors think about your site experience!

Is your website fulfilling its primary purpose? Use a website feedback survey to find the answer!

Improve the user experience of your website by listening to none other than the users themselves. By acquiring quantitative and qualitative feedback from your users, identify friction in your funnels, and increase the overall conversions of your business! When you understand what your users expect from your website, you will deliver them precisely that.

Elements of a Successful Website Feedback Survey

  1. Choose the right type of questions and decide between open-ended or close-ended questions according to your end goal.
  2. Add context to your surveys by conducting different surveys for different funnel stages or different pages of your website.
  3. Use segmentation to survey different audience groups to uncover niche-specific insights.
  4. Define your surveys sample size to determine the exact number of responses you need to ensure proper representation of your website's traffic.
  5. Utilize survey triggers to conduct user targeting for your survey based on various factors such as your custom conversion goals or the average session duration.
When UX does't consider ALL users, shouldn't it be known as “SOME User Experience" or SUX?
Billy Gregory, Senior Accessibility Engineer

Design is Critical

Studies show that 94% of the negative feedback from website surveys are related solely to the design and user interface of the website. Before conducting your survey, make sure you have left no stone unturned in improving the UI/UX of your website so that your survey can reveal other areas of improvement.


How to get responses

Make full use of website targeting options and increase your response rate over 50% by engaging users with your surveys at the right time and in the right place. Leverage the ability to survey visitors at different touchpoints with the help of trigger options during their web experience, to ask improved questions with better CTAs.

A Remedy to Cart Abandonment

Data from Baymard Institute confirms that nearly 70% of the people shoppers quit before completing their order form on any website. There could be several reasons behind this alarming statistic, and the only way to find out a definite answer is through website feedback surveys!


Deliver An Excellent Mobile Experience

Around 57% of the users recommend against businesses having poorly designed websites on a mobile device. This is why it is crucial for business owners to ensure an over the top user experience of their websites on mobile devices and a mobile-optimized website feedback survey!

Reduce Your Bounce Rate

According to a 2010 Gomez Report, 88% of the consumers who shop online avoid going back to a website after having a bad experience. Hubspot also highlighted that 38% of the people stop engaging with a website due to its poor layout or lousy content. Surveying with a focus on user experience can greatly help retain and convert traffic to your website!


Capture User's Attention For Better Response Rate

A study conducted by the Missouri University of Sciences and Technology implied that users take 2.6 seconds to detect an area on a website that influences them the most on their first impression. Overall, a user spends an average of about 5.59 seconds reading a website's content. Surveyors must leverage this information to strategically position their website feedback surveys.

Research is a huge part of our success' it's the bedrock of everything we do with our clients. We don't guess what's wrong with a web business. We find out. This is the job of our research department. The key question to address is, 'Why aren't visitors converting?' and we leave no stone unturned in finding the answer
Martin Stone - Head of Research, Conversion Rate Experts

Four Questions You Can Ask Yourself Before Finalizing Your Survey

  1. Does your website feedback survey revolve around an end goal?
  2. Is your survey easy to answer? Did you let your users know it's a lean survey?
  3. Is your survey responsive and mobile-friendly and easily targets active mobile users?
  4. Does it grab user attention with an optimized design and a strategic position on your website?

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