Canadian Homestead Supply

How experienced are you with chickens?
Totaly beginner!
I've had a few chickens in the past
Homesteader here - quite familiar with them
Pastured farmer - I raise them for a job
Why do you want to raise chickens?
Kids are interested in them
Food security
To improve my soil
It's part of my business - pastured poultry
Accidentally came home with chicks from the feedstore...
To enjoy them!
Pastured meat
Pastured eggs
What will you be using your cackellac for?
Meat birds
Broody hens
Breeding flocks
What about cackellacs interested you?
Easy to move. Not heavy, clunky, and awkward
Light yet durable
Great way to get poultry on fresh grass
Completely portable - so nice to have everything hanging in the shelter
Canadian-made ;)
Improve efficiency on my farm
Any addtional features/benefits of the cackellac that interested you?
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