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Product Feedback Survey Example

Use our Free Product Feedback Survey to Improve Product Market Fit

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Does your product meet the expectations of your customers?

Discover how to provide the most value to your customers with product feedback surveys!

Leverage the feedback from your customers to improve your overall customer satisfaction. Make informed decisions about your business once you fully understand what your target audience thinks about your product and what is their attitude towards it. Utilize this information to improve your product according to your customer's preferences and watch your sales go up!

How To Ensure Maximum Success From Your Product Feedback Survey

  1. You need to stop guessing and start asking Don't just assume what your customers want or need in your product. Make sure your products keep up with their constantly evolving needs and desires.
  2. Pre-plan the development of your products by taking help from none other than the consumers of your product! Save time, resources, and money by incorporating your target audience's feedback at every stage of your product development
  3. Use customer's feedback to time changes in your product during its product development stages. You may also use it to track the overall progress of your product and ensure its timely launch!
  4. Improve your customer service Don't just think your job is done once your customer purchases your product. Stay in touch with them through various channels, including feedback surveys, to ensure they are fully satisfied. This might come in handy when you want to upsell them or ask them for their reviews.
The first step in exceeding your customer's expectations is to know those expectations.
Roy H. Williams

Why Product Feedback Surveys Matter?

Esteban Kolksy found out that 72% of the customers share a positive experience they had with a company or its products with six or more people. Whereas, 13% of unhappy customers will tell their bad experience to more than 15 people except for the company itself. Only 1 out of 26 unhappy customers complain to the company, and the rest opt for their competitors. This sparks the ultimate need for consistent product feedback surveys.


Are Consumers Willing To Take The Feedback Surveys?

A survey by Alchemer revealed that 74% of the consumers are willing to respond to a company's request for feedback on their product. 91% of the surveyed individuals between ages 35 and 44 showed a strong willingness to give direct product feedback without any incentives. Keeping this in mind, companies must amplify their product feedback survey efforts to get ahead of their competitors.

Do Regular Product Feedback Surveys Help Retain Customers?

A survey by Alchemer also disclosed that 42% of the consumers are more likely to stay a loyal customer to a brand that asks for their feedback and acts upon it frequently. It shows the customers that the brand cares about them and listens to their needs and suggestions. Hence, regularly conducting product feedback surveys can prove quite lucrative in the long run and help companies reduce their customer churn.


Do Consumers Really Think Their Expectations Are Being Met?

A 2011 Customer Experience Impact Report by Oracle sheds light on a shocking statistic. The report states that only 1% of the entire consumer population feels that their expectations are being met by brands around the globe. Companies must step up their game if they want to see more customers happy in the future. They must expand their product feedback surveys and proactively act upon the feedback they receive from every single customer. It seems to be the only way to increase customer retention.

Don't find customers for your products, find products for your customers
David Ogilvy

Steps To Ensure Long-Lasting Results Of The Engagement Efforts

Conducting an employee engagement survey alone does not ensure long-term benefits. Companies also need to:

  1. Work towards getting a complete picture by looking at all 17 Employee Engagement Drivers.
  2. Survey their employees for more than four times per year along with weekly "pulse surveys" business metrics, and mission-critical KPIs.
  3. Get to the heart of various issues by segmenting the data gathered from their surveys into three or more categories such as teams, managers, and locations etc.

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