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Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

Create a free online employee satisfaction survey.

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How to make an employee satisfaction Survey

  1. Hit 'Create Employee Survey' The survey will then load in our survey editor. From here you'll be able to add and remove questions to suit your business needs. Don't go too crazy by adding too many questions, shorter is better for response rates.
  2. Customize your Survey. Hit Themes, Settings and Results to review the way your survey looks and feels. Keep in mind you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to respond to ensure a high response rate.
  3. Hit Share and Publish Hit share and your customer survey is ready to go. You can have each response emailed to you or add an email and password to login and manage your results and identify trends.

When it comes to your employees
Don't rely on intuition or guesswork

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Think of your workplace as a living being. It has a pulse of its own. This "pulse" is made out of the morale, motivation, and mood of your employees. Consider benefiting from an employee satisfaction survey by measuring and analyzing the health of your organization.

Your Checklist To Conducting A Successful Employee Satisfaction Survey:

Make sure of the following points when conducting your survey, for maximum results:

  1. Does your feedback process make your employees feel valued, respected, comfortable, and supported?
  2. Is your survey short, relevant, and to the point?
  3. Is your survey asking your employees about their ambitions? If yes, then do you plan to give them a chance to explore their aspirations?
  4. Are you checking in with your employees often? Conducting the survey once a year might not yield the best results.
  5. Do you plan to take proactive actions on the results from the survey?
Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first.
Angela Ahrendts

Ensure confidentiality

Assure your staff of the complete anonymity of your surveys. They feel more comfortable giving honest answers when they rest assured that their responses are strictly confidential.


Communicate the purpose

Only 30% of the employees believe that their suggestions will be taken seriously by their employer. More of your employees will be inclined to take your survey if you communicate to them the survey's outcomes and how you will utilize the results for their benefit.

Showcase your results

Develop confidence in your employees by showing them the actions and results of your previous employee satisfaction surveys. Your post-survey initiatives will help you improve company morale and make your employees feel valued in your company.


Pay Attention To Your Employees

According to a Salesforce report, employees who feel listened to are 4.6 times more likely to stay motivated to work hard. Employees now expect communication to be a two-way street. Companies that actively welcome new perspectives in their planning and decision making regularly outperform their competitors.

Carefully Conduct Your Surveys

Facebook's insights show that employees who did not fill out either of their two annual surveys were 2.6 times more likely to resign within the next six months. This means you need to put time, effort, and care into surveying your employees. Surveys are powerful, so consider conducting more than one survey to encourage your employees to share their feedback continuously. And you must follow through on the results.


Ensure Maximum Employee Engagement

Gallups State of Global Workplace report found out that only 15% of the employees are engaged in their workplace. The majority of the employees only do the bare minimum to get through their day. Employee Satisfaction Surveys can help companies identify what measures are working and the gaps they can close to increase employee engagement.

Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first.
Angela Ahrendts

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