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Creating better workplace engagement

Your employees should feel like they are a part of your organization. They should be committed to working towards the mission and vision of your company. Use an employee engagement survey to figure out areas for improvement in your business and measure your company's health.

How Do You Conduct A Successful Employee Engagement Survey?

If you had little to no success with your previous surveys, chances are you are doing some things wrong. While it is crucial to ask the right questions in your survey, it is also important to consider a few other things.

  1. Determine your current engagement levels Understand the general sentiments of your employees by collecting some preliminary data. You can do so by asking some general feedback questions about their engagement level. This would help you set the basis for your thorough engagement survey.
  2. Inquire your senior managementReach out to your senior management and ask their opinion on your company's state of engagement. Ensure they are fully involved in the survey process and utilize their help and experience to identify areas of improvement.
  3. Define a goalYou must have a clear objective for your engagement survey. Determine what you wish to accomplish by running these surveys. Some of your goals with the survey could be finding ways to increase employee retention or improve communication between the employees and the upper management.
  4. Identify essential questions beforehandCreate a list of questions keeping in mind your defined goals. Make sure to include both open-ended and closed-ended questions. Try not to add any old questions. Add only those that can provide you with valuable data to propel your employee engagement forward.
  5. Figure out the method to conduct your surveyThe way you send out your surveys could have a huge impact on your surveys' success. Instead of opting for annual surveys, go for "pulse surveys", which are short and quick and can provide you with relevant data.
Highly engaged employees make the customer experience. Disengaged employees break it.
Timothy R. Clark

The decline in Employee Engagement

According to the 2019 Employee Engagement Trends Report, the overall engagement drops by approximately 7% after the first year of an employee at any organization. Not only that, but an average of 70% of the employees are disengaged at work for the last two decades. Companies should put more effort into conducting their engagement surveys, especially for their older workforce. The quality and frequency of the survey, along with measurable actions, can help improve the employees' engagement.


The struggle of Growing Companies

The 2019 Employee Engagement Trends Report also shows a steady decline in the number of highly engaged employees for the companies that are increasing in size. It shows a decline of 1.1% for a company having 250-499 employees. This puts more pressure on growing companies to constantly adopt innovative methods to counter this decline in their employees' overall engagement.

Better Engagement Leads To Greater Profits

Initiatives for employee engagement don't only benefit the employees. These initiatives are investments that can yield good ROI for companies as well. A survey by Gallup indicated a 147% increase in earnings per share for companies having a highly engaged workforce as compared to their competitors.


High Employee Engagement Rate Equals Enhanced Productivity

The Gallup Organization also conducted a meta-analysis of 1.4 million employees, which revealed a 22% increase in highly engaged employees'; productivity. Research efforts like these continue to show that proactively taking measures to enhance engagement of employees not only benefits the company profits, retention, customer experience, but also the productivity level of their employees.

A Need For Better Internal Communication

Companies need to improve their internal communication and take frequent steps to implement their employees' feedback and suggestions. A survey conducted by WeSpire in the US disclosed a gap between the employees' perception and their HR managers. According to 63% of the surveyed HR professionals, their organization has an employee engagement strategy and a program in place, but only 42% of the employees agreed to this.


Importance of Sustainable Engagement Programs

Having an effective employee engagement strategy always pays off big! Companies who consistently maintain a sustainable and high level of engagement often have three times higher operating margins than the companies having unsustainable engagement levels (Willis Towers Watson).

Engaged employees are psychological "owners" drive performance and innovation, and move the organization forward.
Gallup Report 2017

Steps To Ensure Long-Lasting Results Of The Engagement Efforts

Conducting an employee engagement survey alone does not ensure long-term benefits. Companies also need to:

  1. Work towards getting a complete picture by looking at all 17 Employee Engagement Drivers.
  2. Survey their employees for more than four times per year along with weekly "pulse surveys" business metrics, and mission-critical KPIs.
  3. Get to the heart of various issues by segmenting the data gathered from their surveys into three or more categories such as teams, managers, and locations etc.

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